SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC. is a full service mechanical contractor that designs, installs HVAC equipment, Energy Services, process piping, direct digital control systems, mechanical services and plumbing services.

As you contemplate a decision to do business with a firm like SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC, we recognize that you need a valid and compelling reason to entrust us with the important responsibilities for which you are accountable. Our representatives have a genuine desire to provide exceptional value along with our unique ability to derive innovative solutions to your most complex problems.

SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC really understands that we have to earn our success. That understanding translates into an intense drive on our part to be more responsive, more customer focused, more creative than our able competitors, yet just as competitive. Our goal is to prove to our customers that we can do a better job and be the organization you can rely on completely.

Our mid-size company has a strong Southern California presence that is important. SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC is a substantial firm, well managed and financially strong. With that comes depth, diversity of talent and resources second to none.

SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC believes in strong and lasting relationships. We think of ourselves as part of our customer’s team, rather than an outside contractor. Our goal is to be the first company you think of for any of your project and service needs. When we earn that kind of confidence, then we know that SOUTH COAST MECHANICAL, INC made a difference.

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